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Steps to Take Before Having a Wall Oven Installed in Your Kitchen

Appliance Pros and Plumbing, Inc.
Appliance Pros and Plumbing, Inc. August 18th, 2023

Just think about how wonderful it will be when you finally have that wall oven and the house fills with the aroma of freshly made bread. But before this dream becomes a reality, your kitchen needs to be primed for installation. Proper preparation isn’t just a courtesy to your installers; it’s a key step toward safeguarding your investment. Learn the fundamentals here…

Evaluate Your Space

Begin by measuring the area where your wall oven will reside and make sure to check for height, width, and depth measurements. Double-check that it accommodates the new oven’s dimensions, ensuring a snug and seamless fit when the installers arrive. The cut out of the cabinet is what will determine which wall oven can fit. Appliance pros & Plumbing, Inc can help with this step if you need assistance. Remember if a selected oven does not fit right in your cabinet space, there may be a possibility that the cabinet can be modified or trimmed to make space for your desired Built In Oven. This is when you need to seek advice from the Pros.

Check Electrical and Gas Connections

Your wall oven needs power. Confirm that your home’s electrical is working, or if its a gas unit that the gas shut off is working and is suitable for your new oven. This can be a task for a licensed professional who can guarantee safe and effective service.

Clear the Area

A less-chaotic workplace is better for both safety and productivity. Before installation day, move kitchen furniture and appliances that may obstruct access to the oven’s designated spot.

Prepare for Installation Day

Craft a pre-installation day plan. Make sure there’s a clear and obstacle-free path to your kitchen. Your forethought ensures a smoother installation. Once our Technicians arrive for installation you can relax in confidence that we will complete a safe and seamless installation.

Safety First

DIY has its place, but installing a wall oven isn’t a task for the average homeowner. Trust this job to the pros, who are trained to handle the complexities and risks with skill.


Setting the stage for your wall oven installation is about more than convenience; it’s a strategy for safeguarding both your home and your new appliance. If you stick to the instructions, your baked goods should turn out perfectly. Ready for fresh-baked convenience in your own kitchen? Don’t leave anything to chance. Call Appliance Pros & Plumbing INC’s expert team to schedule your professional wall oven installation today!